Only Always You (2013) გეი მოკლემეტრაჟიანი ფილმი

ნოემბერი 13, 2013
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აირჩიეთ პლეიერის სასურველი ზომა.

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Sometimes love can be sketchy...
A young man spends his time drawing sketches and daydreaming of a life he wishes to have.

Official Selection :
2013 Mofest!7 Fest LGBT Film Festival
2013 Philadelphia QFest
2012 FiveTen LGBT Film Festival
*Currently going around the 2013 festival circuit*

Directors Note:
"We shot 'Only Always You' with almost no budget in two days. The crew consisted of myself and one other person. Please watch the film in full screen mode in order to get the f

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